Become a winegrower with us and let’s make Estonian winemaking history!

Our aim is to make Estonian winemaking history by producing our very own wine - Muhu wine, Estonian wine. We plan to establish Estonia’s biggest vineyard and we invite YOU to join us!

We started our project in Muhu Island in the spring of 2012 by planting our first 100 vines, and in spring of 2013 we planted another 400. Those 500 vines have taught us a great deal and we can proudly say that nearly all of the vines have thrived in the Estonian climate and we are ready to take the next step.

This spring we want to plant another 1700 plants that are already on their way from Germany and our target is to have 10 000 vines in the ground by 2017 in our Muhu Veinitalu (Estonian for winefarm). We want our Muhu Veinitalu to become Estonia’s first wine tourism destination where wine enthusiasts not only have an opportunity to get acquainted with, but to also join us in the vine growing and wine making processes.

Vines to be planted in 2014

• Solaris (hybrid sort) 500
• Müller-Thurgau 100
• Riesling 100
• Bacchus 50
• Kerner 50

• Rondo (half-hybrid) 500
• Pinot Noir Precocé aka Frühhburgunder 500

We have always believed in sharing our story and that winemaking could and should be a collective activity. That is why we are offering an opportunity for anyone to become a winemaker and join us in developing our Veinitalu.

Main costs associated with wine growing

• Vine plants
• Land and its maintenance (inc. cultivation)
• Cultivation costs (helping hands, tools, machinery etc)
• Poles and training (Supports for the plant)
• Fencing (against rabbits, raccoons, boars, goats and other berry- and plant-eating animals

Watering system (against frost)
• Netting (agains birds)
• Muud taimede kaitsemeetmed
• Harvesting and winemaking costs
• Other costs

Our “winegrower” packages


• Your very own “godvine” that will planted with your name tag (you get to pick the variety from our selection)
• Your “Vine godparent” certification by post.
• A 10% discount when visiting Muhu Veinitalu
• (A one-time free) entrance to the Estonian Drinks Culture Museum + glass of wine for two


• Your very own vine that will be planted with your name tag ( also an opportunity to participate in the planting and its maintenance processes)
• Vinegrower certificate (by post)
• Year 1-3: every year a photograph of your vine by e-mail and post
• Year 4: a bottle of wine when the grapes from the plant can be used for making wine (hopefully by the 4th year) (bottle will be delievered to you)
• A (permanent?) 10% discount when visiting Muhu Veinitalu
• (A one-time free) entrance to the Estonian Drinks Culture Museum + our wine degustation for two.


Vinegrower package +
• 1 vine in a pot for your home (delivered in Estonia)
• A bottle of wine for three years after the grapes from the plant can be used for making wine (hopefully after 4th year)


Vinegrower package +
• A free stay (1 night) + dinner for two at Muhu Veinitalu
• A free entrance for to the Estonian Drinks Culture Museum + welcoming drinks for up to 20 persons
We will do our best to take care of your vine as if our own. However, if for any reason your vine plant should perish, a replacement one will be provided.

Choose a suitable package and vine variety from the lists above and write to us a line at with your details and address information, after which we will reply to you with an invoice and send you the “Estonian wine grower certificate”.

Further info and contacts

Peke Eloranta
Winegrower, sommelier
T +372 52 63 065


Luscher & Matiesen Museum of the Estonian drink culture Toom-Rüütli 10, 10130 Tallinn, Estonia
T +372 56 912 910 / /

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